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Table 1 Proteins classified into four families of methyltransferases

From: Computational methods to identify novel methyltransferases

Seven-Beta Strand (Class I) (Not shown here are 33 known species) SET SPOUT N6-Adenosine
YBR141C YLR137W Set1 Trm10 Ime4
YBR225W YMR209C* Set2 Mrm1 Kar4
YBR261C* YMR228W Set3 Trm3 YGR001C
YBR271W YNL022C Set4 Emg1  
YDR316W YNL024C Set5 YGR283C  
YHR209W* YNL092W Set6 YMR310C  
YIL064W YOR239W Rkm1 YOR021C  
YIL110W   Rkm2   
YJR129C*   Rkm3   
YKL155C*   Rkm4   
YKL162C   Ctm1   
YLR063W   YHL039W