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Table 1 Characteristics of the data sets used in this study.

From: DNA barcode analysis: a comparison of phylogenetic and statistical classification methods

Data set DNA marker N sample n taxaa θ b Species determination
Astraptes COI
466 12 15.32 Phylogenetical
Cowries species COI
2036 180 36.36 Genetical and morphological
Cowries species and subspecies COI
2036 249 36.36  
Amazonian Butterflies COI
424 61 46.13 Morphological
Amazonian Butterflies mt DNA
(CoI+ CoII Leu-t RNA)
424 61 146.09  
Amazonian Butterflies nuclear (Ef1α) 191 52 57.32  
  1. aNumber of species or subspecies with at least two individuals.
  2. bAverage θ value per species estimated with Watterson's [37] estimate.