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Table 2 Overview of the number of GEO datasets for concepts in the neoplastic process and disease or syndrome category

From: Ontology-driven indexing of public datasets for translational bioinformatics

GDS Concept name CUI Semantic type
Examples of cancers with many GEO datasets
26 Breast cancer C0006142 Neoplastic Process
11 Acute myeloid leukemia C0023467 Neoplastic Process
5 Acute lymphoblastic leukemia C0023449 Neoplastic Process
Examples of cancers with few GEO datasets
1 Kaposi's sarcoma C0036220 Neoplastic Process
1 Acute promyelocytic leukemia C0023487 Neoplastic Process
1 Pleural mesothelioma C1377913 Neoplastic Process
Examples of diseases with many GEO datasets
13 Duchenne dystrophy C0013264 Disease or Syndrome
6 Arthritis C0003864 Disease or Syndrome
4 Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease C0024117 Disease or Syndrome
Examples of diseases with few GEO datasets
1 Open-angle glaucoma C0017612 Disease or Syndrome
1 Purpura thrombocytopenic C0857305 Disease or Syndrome
1 Corneal dystrophy C0010035 Disease or Syndrome