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Table 1 Validation results for positive controls. Results of validation experiments on positive controls from previous genetic studies. The p-values are from the original study, and the numeric column labels refer to the delta from the loci in KBP.

From: Identifying hypothetical genetic influences on complex disease phenotypes

Phenotype Locus Locus P-Value 1 100 250 500
Breast Cancer7 XPD IL10 0.007
Breast Cancer7 GSTP1 COMT 0.007   
Breast Cancer7 COMT CCND1 0.014    
Breast Cancer7 BARD1 XPD 0.014    
Breast Cancer7 CYP17 GADD45g 0.062     
Breast Cancer7 TNFa p27 0.079    
Breast Cancer7 BARD1 ESR1 N/A     
Breast Cancer7 BARD1 p27 N/A     
Breast Cancer8 GSTM1 CYP2e1 0.05  
Osteoporosis9 NR3C1 ESR2 0.047    
Osteoporosis9 NR3C1 HDC N/A     
Osteoporosis9 RANK TNFR2 N/A    
Anorexia Nervosa10 MAOA SLC6A2 0.019
Colorectal Cancer11 ALDH2 ADH1B 0.001
Asthma12 CD14 IL4Ra 0.001    
Neural Tube Defect13 CbetaS MTHFR 0.007  
Neural Tube Defect13 MTRR MTHFR 0.003  
Neural Tube Defect13 MTRR FOLH1 0.004