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Table 1 Comparison of properties of k-plex core members with those of different types of 1-peripheries.

From: Core and periphery structures in protein interaction networks

  Average PCC Evolutionary rate Protein essentiality Number of domains
k-plex core 0.2366 0.0770 0.4761 1.9968
Multiple-core peripheries 0.1293 0.0970 0.3082 1.7612
Complete open peripheries 0.1145 0.0885 0.3077 1.8018
Limited open peripheries 0.1646 0.1047 0.2377 1.5254
Closed peripheries 0.1222 0.1094 0.1930 1.4875
P value (core vs. complete open) 2.03E-14 0.0319 1.88E-6 1.26E-1
P value (core vs. limited open) 2.16E-5 2.19E-4 1.12E-11 8.12E-6
P value (core vs. closed) 3.52E-9 1.63E-8 3.62E-22 7.56E-7
P value (core vs. multiple) 1.09E-23 1.97E-4 3.79E-9 2.28E-2
  1. Listed values are the average value of different properties of all members in each core and 1-periphery category. The p values are obtained by Student's T-test that is based on properties of all members of each core and 1-periphery category.