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Table 2 Comparison of properties of star cores with those of their 1- peripheries and k-plex cores.

From: Core and periphery structures in protein interaction networks

  Average PCC Evolutionary rate Protein essentiality Number of domains
Star cores 0.0838 0.0772 0.3303 1.7188
1-peripheries 0.1217 0.0906 0.2908 1.9379
P value (star vs. 1-p.) 1.03E-3 0.08 0.41 0.13
P value (star vs. k-plex) 8.54E-28 0.9794 0.0034 0.061
  1. Listed values are the average properties in all members in 1-periphery. The p values are obtained by Student's T-test that is based on properties of all members of each core and 1-periphery category.