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Table 3 PRO annotation coverage by GO terms in release 3.0

From: TGF-beta signaling proteins and the Protein Ontology

Ontology OBO Relation # Terms* Example
GO Molecular Function has_function 295 PRO:000000650 smad 5 isoform 1 phosphorylated 1 GO:0046332 SMAD binding
  NOT has_function 55 PRO:000000478 smad 5 isoform 2 GO:0046332 SMAD binding
GO Cellular Component Complex part_of 62 PRO:000000178 RING-box protein 2 isoform 1 GO:0000151 ubiquitin ligase complex
  NOT part_of 5 PRO:000000179 RING-box protein 2 isoform 2 GO:0000151 ubiquitin ligase complex
GO Cellular Component located_in 240 PRO:000000457 noggin isoform 1 cleaved 1 GO:0005615 extracellular space
GO Biological Process participates_in 274 PRO:000000086 chordin isoform 1 GO:0001501 skeletal development
PSI-MOD has_modification 172 PRO:000000650 smad 2 isoform 1 phosphorylated 1 MOD:00046 O-phospho- L-serine
SO has_agent 305 TGF-beta receptor type-1 sequence variant 11 SO:1000097 mutation causing amino acid deletion
  1. * Number of PRO terms under the umbrella of the corresponding ontology.