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Table 1 Syntax and semantics of the BOWiki extensions.

From: BOWiki: an ontology-based wiki for annotation of data and integration of knowledge in biology

BOWiki syntax OWL abstract syntax
1 [[OType:C]] Individual(page type(C))
2 [[R::page2]] Individual(page value(R page2))
3 [[R::role1 = page1;...;roleN = pageN]] Individual(R-id type(R))
  Individual(R-id value(subject page))
  Individual(R-id value(R-role1 page1))
  Individual(R-id value(R-roleN pageN))
4 [[has-argument:: name = roleName;type = OType:C]] SubClassOf(page gfo:Relator)
  ObjectProperty(R-roleName domain(page) range(C))
1 on page Apoptosis: [[OType:Category]] Individual(Apoptosis, type(Category))
2 on page Apoptosis: [[CC-isa::Biological_process]] Individual(Apoptosis value(CC-isa Biological_process))
3 on page HvSUT2: [[Realizes:: function = Sugar_transporter_activity; process = Glucose_transport]] Individual(Realizes-0 type(Realizes))
  Individual(Realizes-0 value(Realizes-subject HvSUT2))
  Individual(Realizes-0 value(Realizes-process Glucose_transport))
4 on page Realizes: [[has-argument:: name = function; type = OType:Function_category]] SubClassOf(Realizes gfo:Relator))
  ObjectProperty(Realizes-function domain(Realizes) range(Function_category))
  1. The table shows the syntax constructs used in the BOWiki for semantic markup. The second column provides a translation into OWL, following [23]. (page refers to the wikipage in which the statement appears; "R-id" is a name for an individual whose "id" part is unique and generated automatically for the occurrence of the statement). Because OWL has a model-theoretic semantics, this translation yields a formal semantics for the BOWiki syntax. In the lower half of the table we illustrate each construct with an example and present its particular translation to OWL.