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Table 1 Examples of concepts by concept class and concept attributes

From: Developing a manually annotated clinical document corpus to identify phenotypic information for inflammatory bowel disease

  Granular (atomic) Granular (clinical inference) Relevance Ambiguous
Concept Class Yes No Yes No Yes No Yes No
Diagnoses Crohn's Disease pouchitis Crohn's Disease Ankylosing Spondylitis Crohn's Disease ** UC Ulcerative Colitis
Signs and Symptoms Diarrhea flare ** weight loss Diarrhea ** NT Non-tender
Procedures Colonoscopy surgery ** Colectomy Colonoscopy EGD Scope Colonoscopy
Medications Mesalamine ** Mesalamine Steroid Mesalamine ** Steroid Prednisone
  1. ** No concept from this use case was identified.
  2. UC = Ulcerative colitis, NT = Non = tender