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Table 1 Types of data collected and their abbreviations

From: Infection in the intensive care unit alters physiological networks

Symbol Definition
PaO2/PCO2 Arterial O2/CO2 partial pressure
MAP Mean arterial blood pressure
HR Heart rate
pmO2(temp) Muscle oxygen level (temperature)
spO2 Oxygen saturation percentage
FiO2 Fraction of inspired oxygen
GLUC.SER Serum glucose
Ph Blood PH
PF PaO2/FiO2 ratio
BD Base deficit
mLactate Muscle lactate concentration
mGlucose Muscle glucose concentration
mGlutamate Muscle glutamate concentration
mPyruvate Muscle pyruvate concentration
mLP Muscle lactate/pyruvate ratio
Lactate Serum lactate
glucose.value Bedside glucose reading
compliance Mechanical lung compliance
peep Positive end expiratory pressure
minvol Volume of air per minute
coretemp Core temperature
CVP Central venous pressure
Hb/HCT Hemoglobin/hematocrit
Chloride Serum chloride
BUN Blood urea nitrogen
Cr Serum creatinine