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Table 2 Multiple Sequence Methods.

From: RNAstructure: software for RNA secondary structure prediction and analysis

Feature: Text Interface Program: JAVA/Windows GUI Menu Item: Class Library and Function Name:
Dynalign [23, 41, 46] dynalign Dynalign RNA Dynalign_object::Dynalign
OligoWalk [3133] OligoWalk OligoWalk Oligowalk_object::Oligowalk
OligoScreen [55] oligoscreen OligoScreen Oligowalk_object::OligoScreen
Bimolecular structure prediction with intramolecular pairs [33] bifold Fold RNA
PARTS [24, 48] PARTS - -
Bimolecular partition function (no intramolecular pairs) [31] bipartition Partition
Function RNA
Bimolecular structure prediction without intramolecular pairs DuplexFold - HybridRNA::FoldDuplex