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Figure 3

From: Protein sequences classification by means of feature extraction with substitution matrices

Figure 3

ROC curve samples for the NB classifier in the dataset DS3 with the DDSM, DD and NG encoding methods. The positive class is Homotetramer. This figure shows a sample of ROC curves of the NB classifier based on the DDSM, DD and NG encoding methods with Homotetramer as the positive class (DS3). It appears that the DDSM based ROC curve is obviously higher than the two other ones. A ROC graph enables to compare two or more supervised learning algorithms. It depicts relative trade-offs between true positive rates and false positive rates [49]. It is possible to derive a synthetic indicator from the ROC curve, known as the AUC (Area Under Curve - Area Under the Curve). The AUC indicates the probability that the classifier will rank a randomly chosen positive instance higher than a randomly chosen negative instance. There exists a threshold value: if we classify the instances at random, the AUC will be equal to 0.5, so a significant AUC must be superior to this threshold.

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