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Figure 2

From: Partitioning of copy-number genotypes in pedigrees

Figure 2

Type-II homozygous conversion. Representation of the conversion of Type-II homozygous Fawkes genotypes (red) into partitioned CN genotypes (green). The triangle represents the index individual (I). (A) Conversion of I's Fawkes genotype using one homozygous parent or (B) using one homozygous child. (C) represents the conversion using two sibs: one heterozygote and one homozygote. (D) uses a child and the spouse of the index individual. (E) uses the two homozygous parents of I. The pedigree on the left shows the conversion when there are 4 different sums, and the pedigree on the right, when there are only 3 different sums (see step 3e above). Panel (F) shows the conversion when two homozygous parents with the same genotype is used. Finally, the conversion methods when one parent has a unknown genotype or a null allele are shown in panel (G) and (H) respectively.

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