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Table 2 Jobs in the Pairwise alignment pipeline for Human-Pika

From: eHive: An Artificial Intelligence workflow system for genomic analysis

Analysis Number of jobs Granularity
ChunkAndGroupDna 4 2 per genome
CreatePairAlignerJobs 1 1 per pipeline
BlastZ-e1886dc 97920 As many as required
UpdateMaxAlignmentLengthBeforeFD 1 1 per pipeline
CreateFilterDuplicatesJobs 2 1 per genome
TargetFilterDuplicates-e1886dc 113 1 per human segment
QueryFilterDuplicates-e1886dc 193095 1 per pika segment
UpdateMaxAlignmentLengthAfterFD 1 1 per pipeline
DumpLargeNibForChains 2 1 per genome
CreateAlignmentChainsJobs 1 1 per pipeline
AlignmentChains-26aa1260 425698 As many as required
UpdateMaxAlignmentLengthAfterChain 1 1 per pipeline
CreateAlignmentNetsJobs 1 1 per pipeline
AlignmentNets-34de6ee1 5770 As many as required
UpdateMaxAlignmentLengthAfterNet 1 1 per pipeline
PairwiseHealthCheck 2 2 per pipeline
TOTAL 722613  
  1. This table shows the final number of jobs run for each analysis. The last column gives a short explanation on the number of jobs for each analysis. 113 human segments correspond to the 25 chromosomes (1 to 24, X, Y and MT) and an extra 88 supercontigs not yet assembled into chromosomes. The pika genome is scattered in 193095 segments. Both AlignmentChain and AlignmentNets jobs are defined by the CreateAlignmentChainJobs and CreateAlignmentNetsJobs jobs respectively.