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Table 3 Jobs in the Multiple alignment pipeline for 12 amniotes

From: eHive: An Artificial Intelligence workflow system for genomic analysis

Analysis Number of jobs Granularity
SubmitGenome 12 1 per genome
GenomeLoadExonMembers 12 1 per genome
GenomeSubmitPep 12 1 per genome
GenomeDumpFasta 12 1 per genome
CreateBlastRules 12 1 per genome
SubmitPep_* 1978219 1 per peptide
blast_* 21760409 All coding exons vs all other species
Mercator 1 1 per pipeline
Pecan 8549 1 per Mercator block
Gerp 12514 1 per Pecan alignment*
ConservationScoreHealthCheck 2 2 per pipeline
TOTAL 23759754  
  1. This table shows the final number of jobs run for each analysis. All the SubmitPep_xxxxx and blast_yyyyy jobs have been grouped for simplicity. There are more GERP jobs than Pecan ones because alignments over 1 Mb long are split in 1 Mb segments.