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Table 3 Common genes found using sdef: two lists.

From: sdef: an R package to synthesize lists of significant features in related experiments

Rule T(h) R(h) CI 95% O 11 O 1+ O +1
h max = 0.02 2.51 2.51 2.04 - 3.00 68 264 299
h2 = 0.04   2.11 1.81 - 2.44 104 351 410
  1. The table shows a summary of the information on the degree of similarity between the experiments from the two models, for the mice data described in section "Illustrative analysis: Type 2 diabetes susceptibility in mice" (two lists). It is obtained running the function createTable. It contains the rules (h max ,h2 ), T(h) (only for h max ), R(h) with its credibility interval, the number of genes in common and the number of differentially expressed genes in each experiment.