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Figure 5

From: A high-level 3D visualization API for Java and ImageJ

Figure 5

Example applications. (a) An MRI image of a human head, demonstrating the volume editing capabilities: A 2D ROI was projected onto the data, and the intersected volume was filled with black. Afterwards the head was rotated to show the effect. (b) Visualization of the output of a segmentation algorithm. The segmented image is a confocal stack of an adult Drosophila brain. Shown here is the right optic lobe. The segmentation surface (in red) resembles the boundaries of the medulla and lobula. (c) Snapshot of the Simple Neurite Tracer application, featuring the central compartments of the adult Drosophila brain. The intensity image is displayed as a volume rendering (gray). The protocerebral bridge and the fan-shaped body are shown as surface renderings (cyan &yellow). The traced neural tracts are displayed as custom meshes (magenta &green). (d) Visualization of multiple view registration computed from correspondences of fluorescent beads. Multiple views were obtained by SPIM imaging of a Drosophila embryo. Beads are rendered as point meshes.

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