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Table 2 Key Features

From: CONAN: copy number variation analysis software for genome-wide association studies

Feature Details
Supported CNV File Formats Affymetrix Genotyping Console
  Microsoft Excel
  Comma Separated Values
Supported SNP Arrays Affymetrix SNP Array 500K
Supported Phenotype File Formats Microsoft Excel
  Comma Separated Values
Supported Genotype File Formats Affymetrix SNP 500K .call files
Algorithms Genome-wide CNVR-determination
  Genome-wide CNV-phenotype association analysis
Visualization Interactive Manhattan Plot with automatically drawn Bonferroni-threshold line
  Visualization of the distribution of detected CNV regions on each chromosome
  Exporting of all visualizations as PNG and JPEG images
Analysis Filtering and searching of statistical results
  Highlighting of genome-wide significant results
  Highlighting of regions which fit with results from the GWAS database
  Exporting of all results as Microsoft Excel or CSV-Files
  Direct links to entries in public databases:
  UCSC Genome Browser, NCBI dbSNP, Ensembl, HapMap