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Table 4 Assessing the quality of protein structures

From: MPRAP: An accessibility predictor for a-helical transmem-brane proteins that performs well inside and outside the membrane

PDB Protein Resolution Accuracy MCC
1s7bB EmrE 3.8 0.51 -0.09
2f2mA EmrE 3.7 0.48 -0.19
1jsqA MsbA 4.5 0.55 -0.06
1pf4A MsbA 3.8 0.55 0.10
1z2rA MsbA 4.2 0.63 0.26
1l7vA MsbA 3.2 0.81 0.64
2hydA MsbA 3.0 0.85 0.69
  1. Agreement between predicted and structurally derived accessibility on six PDB-structures. The four structures at the top are published structures that have been removed from the database due to discovered anomalies. The two structure at the bottom are recent structures of proteins from the same protein families that are present in PDB.