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Table 2 Features for representing synthetic interaction

From: A semi-supervised learning approach to predict synthetic genetic interactions by combining functional and topological properties of functional gene network

  Gene pair characteristic Reference Graph Type
1 Centrality degree Barrat et al. (2004) Weight
2 Clustering coefficient Barrat et al. (2004). Weight
3 Betweenness centrality Brandes. (2001) Weight
4 Closeness centrality Newman. (2001) Weight
5 Eigenvector centrality Csardi G. (1965) Weight
6 Stress centrality Freeman LC. (1977) Binary
7 Information centrality Stephenson K. (1989) Binary
8 Shortest path length Newman. (2001) Weight
9 Flow between centrality Newman. (2001) Binary
10 Mutual neighbor Newman. (2001) Binary