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Table 1 Overview of PPI and DDI datasets

From: Protein complex prediction via verifying and reconstructing the topology of domain-domain interactions

Datasets Nodes Edges Source
PPI (BioGrid Release 2.0.40) 4,621 35,353
A: DDI (iPfam) 2,147 4,498
B: DDI (InterDom v2.0 : High Confidence) 2,295 14,854
C: DDI (InterDom v2.0 : All) 3,990 167,516
DDI (A + B) 3,382 18,207 -
DDI (A + C) 4,483 169,737 -
  1. The column 'Datasets' indicates the name of each dataset. Numbers of nodes included in each dataset are shown under 'Nodes' and numbers of edges included in each dataset are shown under 'Edges'. 'Source' indicates the source of each dataset. PPI dataset release 2.0.40 was downloaded from The DDI dataset was from (release 20.0), and from (v2.0).