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Table 5 Complexes that contain an uncharacterized protein

From: Protein complex prediction via verifying and reconstructing the topology of domain-domain interactions

Protein Complex Members Uncharacterized Protein Function of other members
APL1, APS2, APM4, APL3 APM4 protein transporter activity
SWM1, CDC27, CDC16, CDC23 SWM1 protein binding
SKP1, DAS1, YLR352W YLR352W protein binding
PWP2, NOP14, MPP10 MPP10 snoRNA binding
PWP2, UTP18, NOP58 NOP58 snoRNA binding
  1. Complexes that include a single uncharacterized protein and other characterized proteins having the same function are shown. The column 'Members' indicates the list of protein names in each protein complex. The column 'Uncharacterized Protein' indicates the name of uncharacterized protein included in each protein complex. The column 'Function of other members' indicates the function of the other characterized proteins in each protein complex.