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Table 3 Improvement in the ability to fit the data when dual function for Hb and Kr are allowed.

From: Dual-functioning transcription factors in the developmental gene network of Drosophila melanogaster

model type number of configurations number of free parameters mean simultaneously CC (SE)
Reinitz 1 18 0.27 (0.008)
Reinitz KrDual 2 19 0.35 (0.009)
Reinitz HbDual 2 19 0.37 (0.007)
Reinitz HbKrDual 4 20 0.38 (0.007)
Segal 1 344 0.59 (0.009)
  1. Each row shows the CC for the Reinitz model using the literature configuration, and additionally Hb, Kr or Hb and Kr as switching TFs, respectively. The results are contrasted to the Segal model given in the last row. The second column shows the number of different configurations in the approach. The third column indicates the number of free parameters in the model. The fourth column shows the average CC when training on all 44 CRMs simultaneously. The reported results for the Reinitz model are averaged over five independent runs.