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Figure 5

From: Beyond co-localization: inferring spatial interactions between sub-cellular structures from microscopy images

Figure 5

Interaction analysis applied to virus trafficking. Interaction analysis for a single cell infected with TS1, imaged 27 min post infection. (A) Imaged endosomes (Rab5-EGFP) with overlaid outlines (solid red lines) and virus centroid positions (blue crosses, virus channel not shown). Nearest-endosome-distance isolines (dashed red lines) are shown in the magnified inset. (B) State density q(d) for the shown cell (dashed black line), observed virus-to-nearest-endosome distances (marks and histogram, N = 143), and estimated distance distribution from the model p(d) (solid black line). (C) Estimated Hermquist potential ( = 3.90, = 3.96) of the interactions between viruses and nearest endosomes.

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