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Table 3 Sub-cellular location comparison of Human Recon 1, EHMN, and Reactome database

From: Compartmentalization of the Edinburgh Human Metabolic Network

  Human Recon 1a Reactomeb EHMN
Metabolic reactions 2147 809(998)c 3381 (4793)d
   Extracellular 53 52 234
   Nucleus 87 6 226
   Cytosol 957 440(629)c 892 (2304)d
   Endoplasmic reticulum 187 64 649
   Golgi apparatus 253 1 241
   Peroxisomes 92 43 291
   Lysosomes 190 0 108
   Mitochondria 328 203 740
Non-repeat metabolic reactionse 1836 998 2806
Transport reactions 1190 (1596)f 218 1423
  1. a the numbers is based on the data downloaded from BIGG database and may be different from those in their published paper. b the metabolic reactions from Reactome include metabolism of amino acids and derivatives, carbohydrates, nitric oxide, nucleotides, polyamines, porphyrins, vitamins and cofactors, pyruvate and citric acid cycle, lipids and lipoproteins, energy, biological oxidations and electron transport chain. The transport reactions include membrane trafficking and transmembrane transport of small molecules pathways. c the number in the parentheses includes the reactions which were assigned to "cytosol" from unclear location or locations other than the chosen ones. d the number in the parentheses includes the reaction which are assigned to "cytosol" from "uncertain". e a reaction occurs in different locations was counted only once. f the number in the parentheses includes the exchange reactions.