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Table 3 Impact of marks in MARS model

From: Application of machine learning methods to histone methylation ChIP-Seq data reveals H4R3me2 globally represses gene expression

Mark Predicted impact (95th-5th)
H3K27me2 -1.118
H4R3me2 -0.446
H3K27me3 -0.348
H2BK5me1 -0.281
H4K20me3 -0.055
H3K79me1 0.324
H4K20me1 1.473
H3K79me3 1.520
H3K36me3 1.650
  1. The difference in mean predicted gene expression between the high (95th percentile) and low (5th percentile) amplitude values for a given mark while fixing all other mark amplitudes to their median values. Rows are sorted by predicted impact.