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Table 2 Sets of factors fed as inputs to the optimal ANNs obtained by GA-ANN (T = Inf and T = 30)

From: A multifactorial analysis of obesity as CVD risk factor: Use of neural network based methods in a nutrigenetics context

T = Inf T= 30
Gender, Calcium- Total Intake, Gender, Calories, Calcium-
Calcium- Intake in Food, Allium- Total Intake, Allium- Intake in
Intake in Food, Cruciferous-Intake in Food, Caffeine-Total Intake,
Food, Folic Acid- Intake in Food, Folic Acid-Intake in
Folic Acid- Intake in Supplement, Supplement, Cholesterol-
Cholesterol-Intake in Food, Intake in Food, Cholesterol-
Cholesterol-Intake in Supplement, Intake in Supplement, Omega
Omega 3-Total Intake, Omega 3- 3-Total Intake, Omega 3-
Intake in Food, Omega 3-Intake in Intake in Food, Refined
Supplement, Vitamin A-Total Intake, Carbohydrate- Intake in Food,
Vitamin A-Intake in Food, Vitamin Saturated Fat-Intake in Food,
B6-Total Intake, Vitamin B6-Intake in Vitamin A-Intake in
Food, Vitamin B12-Total Intake, Supplement, Vitamin B12-
Vitamin B12-Intake in Supplement, Intake in Supplement, Vitamin
Vitamin C-Intake in Supplement, C-Total Intake, Vitamin C-
Vitamin D-Total Intake, Vitamin D- Intake in Supplement, Vitamin
Intake in Food, Vitamin D-Intake in D-Total Intake, Vitamin D-
Supplement, Vitamin E-Total Intake, Intake in Food, Vitamin E-
Vitamin E-Intake in Supplement, CBS Food Only, IL 6 G174C, LPL
C699T, COL1A1 G Sp1 T, GSTP1 1595G, MTHFR C677T,
C341T, LPL 1595G, MTHFR C677T, MTHFR A1298C, MTR
MTHFR A1298C, MTR A2756G, A2756G, PPAR gamma 2
NOS3 G894T (32 factors in total) Pro12Ala (25 factors in total)