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Table 2 Over-represented GO terms in gastric cancer dataset

From: A bi-ordering approach to linking gene expression with clinical annotations in gastric cancer

ID P-value Biological process
GO:0006091 3.24 × 10-22 generation of precursor metabolites and energy
GO:0006119 3.68 × 10-18 oxidative phosphorylation
GO:0006118 3.48 × 10-12 electron transport
GO:0042773 8.12 × 10-12 oxidative phosphorylation#ATP synthesis coupled electron transport
GO:0042775 8.12 × 10-12 organelle ATP synthesis coupled electron transport
  1. The five most significantly over-represented GO terms associated with the genes of the prototype of SBC7.
  2. The results are generated from GOstat [16].