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Table 4 Discriminative domain families for phenotype category "Endospores"

From: Predicting phenotypic traits of prokaryotes from protein domain frequencies

rank weight # groups Pfam-ID Pfam description
1 0.008 3 PF03419 Sporulation factor SpoIIGA
2 0.007 5 PF07486 Cell Wall Hydrolase
3 0.007 1 PF06686 Stage III sporulation protein AC (SpoIIIAC)
4 0.007 2 PF00269 Small, acid-soluble spore proteins, alpha/beta type
5 0.007 1 PF07873 YabP family
6 0.007 1 PF09555 Stage III sporulation protein AD (spore_III_AD)
7 0.007 3 PF00407 Pathogenesis-related protein Bet v I family
8 0.007 4 PF00876 Innexin
9 0.007 6 PF04672 Protein of unknown function (DUF574)
10 0.006 1 PF04647 Accessory gene regulator B
  1. List of the 10 most (positive) discriminative domain families associated with the RLSC model for the phenotype category "Endospores" (see also section "Methods"). The first column indicates the rank, the second column shows the discriminative model weight. The third column denotes the phylogenetic width of a particular domain family, i.e. the number of taxonomic groups at phylum level in which the family occurs. The fourth and fifth column correspond to the Pfam ID and family description associated with a particular domain family. The table with the 50 most positively and negatively discriminative domain families can be found in additional file 2.