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Table 5 Top tissue-specific patterns of gene expressions and the associated molecular aberrations. CNV: copy number variation, mut: mutation, meth: DNA methylation.

From: An integrated analysis of molecular aberrations in NCI-60 cell lines

tissues # genes aberrations functions
leukemia 682 seg 17, 11 CNV nuclear transport, splicing, cell cycle, RNA synthesis, DNA replication
melanoma 465 seg 9, 10 CNV, PAX3 meth. glycogen metabolism, melanosome, transporter
colon 402 seg 33 CNV, APC TP16 mut. liver development, cell cycle
CNS 334 seg 2, 49 CNV -
kidney 251 - apoptosis, transport, ion binding, cell shape
colon, leukemia 198 seg 11 and 33 CNV DNA replication, translation
breast 147 seg 16 CNV endoplasmic reticulum
ovarian 106 - estrogen receptor