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Table 1 List of X-ray solved MMP structures retrieved from the wwPDB.

From: Analysis of X-ray Structures of Matrix Metalloproteinases via Chaotic Map Clustering

  sub-families classes PDB codes
archetypal MMPs   MMP-1 1CGE, 966C, 1HFC, 2TCL, 1CGL, 1CGF, 2J0T
  Collagenasi MMP-8 1MNC, 1ZS0, 1ZP5, 1MMB, 1JAO, 1JAP, 1JAQ, 1JJ9, 1I76, 1I73, 1ZVX, 1BZS, 1KBC, 1JAN, 1A86, 1A85, 1JH1, 3DNG, 3DPE, 3DPF, 2OY2, 2OY4
   MMP-13 1XUC, 1XUR, 1XUD, 1YOU, 830C, 456C, 1ZTQ, 2D1N, 1CXV, 2PJT, 2OW9, 2E2D, 2OZR
  metallo-elastase MMP-12 1Y93, 1RMZ, 1OS9, 1OS2, 1UTZ, 1UTT, 1JIZ, 1ROS, 1JK3, 3F15, 3F16, 3F17, 3F18, 3F19, 3F1A, 2W0D, 2HU6, 2OXU, 2OXW, 2OXZ
  Stromelysin MMP-3 1B8Y, 1CIZ, 1CAQ, 1G4K, 2USN, 1USN, 1SLM, 1UEA, 1HFS, 1QIC, 1C3I, 1CQR, 1BQO, 1BIW, 1SLN, 1HY7, 1G05, 1G49, 1D5J, 1D8F, 1D7X, 1D8M, 2D1O, 1B3D, 1QIA, 1C8T
   MMP-10 1Q3A
matrilysin Matrilysin MMP-7 1MMP, 1MMQ, 1MMR
gelatinases Gelatinase MMP-9 1GKC, 1GKD, 2OVX, 2OVZ, 2OW0, 2OW1, 2OW2
   MMP-2 1QIB
convertase-activatable MMPs MT-MMPs MMP-14 1BUV, 1BQQ
   MMP-16 1RM8
  stromelysin-3 MMP-11 1HV5