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Table 6 Co-localization scores for predicted components from MCL and MCL-CAw

From: MCL-CAw: a refinement of MCL for detecting yeast complexes from weighted PPI networks by incorporating core-attachment structure

  Co-localization scores
PPI Network MCL clusters MCL-CAw cores MCL-CAw complexes
Gavin+Krogan 0.730 0.890 0.866
ICD(Gavin+Krogan) 0.830 0.936 0.912
FSW(Gavin+Krogan) 0.830 0.931 0.912
Consolidated3.19 0.790 0.923 0.908
Bootstrap0.094 0.788 0.895 0.874
  1. Findings: (i) The complexes produced after CA-refinement showed higher scores than those of MCL; (ii) The complexes predicted from the scored networks showed higher scores than from the Gavin+Krogan network; (iii) The cores in MCL-CAw showed higher scores than whole complexes.