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Table 1 Anomalous microRNAs.

From: Geoseq: a tool for dissecting deep-sequencing datasets

  miRBase id Species Libraries Nature of Anomaly remarks
1 hsa-miR-619 Human SRR018353, SRR019624 misannotaton m. on opp. strand
2 hsa-miR-1975 Human SRR013571, SRR029124 misannotation RNY5 ?
3 mmu-mir-546 Mouse SRR034120, SRR014235 non-canonical snoRNA ?
4 mmu-mir-1957 Mouse SRR023850, GSM307159 misannotation wrong mature
5 dme-mir-929 D.mel SRR014278, SRR031696 misannotation mature is star
  1. A list of microRNAs that have either another potential function or incorrectly identified mature and star sequences.
  2. These were analyzed by studying the distribution of reads over the pre-miRNA. (see also Figure 8).