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Table 1 Formulation of the different questions asked by the different genesets analysis methods

From: Functional Analysis: Evaluation of Response Intensities - Tailoring ANOVA for Lists of Expression Subsets

Question Formulation
Q0 Which known genesets are associated with different expression profiles under the two conditions compared?
Qcomp Which geneset definitions are associated with the biggest difference in expression profiles observed under each condition?
Qself Which genesets are associated with diverging expression profiles between conditions compared with random definitions of phenotype?
Qcor Which genesets are defined by members associated with correlated expression changes?
Quni Which genesets are associated with an increase or decrease of all member expression values?
Qbidir Which genesets are defined by differentially expressed genes, regardless of the direction of the regulation?
Qint Which genesets are associated with variable individual expression changes?
Quc Which unidirectional groups have members that are associated with a correlated answer?
  1. Question Q0 covers all the others; therefore, a method answering this question answers all the others.