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Table 4 Performance of the prediction of NMA-derived B-factors (BNMA) from PSSM, the observed and predicted values and their combination of the equilibrium structural features (ESFs).

From: Integrated prediction of one-dimensional structural features and their relationships with conformational flexibility in helical membrane proteins

Input features Prediction performance (Correlation with BNMA) Prediction performance (Correlation with randomized BNMA) P-value
PSSM (9 residue window) and amino acid composition 0.21 -0.02 1.3e-7
ESFs (Observed) 0.52 0.00 < 2.2e-16
ESFs (Predicted) 0.23 -0.01 4.1e-10
ESFs (Predicted + Observed) 0.46 -0.01 < 2.2e-16
  1. Performance on randomized BNMA is shown for reference and a p-value is calculated using Welsh's t-test on the two sets of protein-wise performance scores (correlation coefficients). The predicted ESFs alone can predict BNMA with reasonable performance.