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Table 1 SOIPPA-derived Motifs

From: The LabelHash algorithm for substructure matching

Template Structure SOIPPA-derived LabelHash Motif SOIPPA-aligned Structure(s) p-value of LabelHash-computed match
1HQC 9E, 10YI, 11IF, 12GE, 13Q, 169LV, 171QY, 172GA 1ZTF < 0.0009
1ECJ 367D, 369IV, 371RT, 372G, 373TA, 374T, 375SL 1H3D < 0.0005
1AYL 232H, 250ST, 251G, 252TS, 253GA, 254K, 255TS, 256T, 257LT, 268DG, 269DE 1P9W < 0.0006
1ZQ9 29G, 50ET, 51LRKS, 52DTEQ, 79VLA 1CYD, 1D4D, 1UWK < 0.0005