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Table 3 Amino acids grouped according to their chemical properties

From: TESTLoc: protein subcellular localization prediction from EST data

Group C, chemical properties Group D, Devlin structural properties
Property Amino acid Superstructure Structure Amino acid
Acidic D, E Monoamino Moncarboxylic   G, A
Basic H, K, R   Unsubstituted V, L, I
Aromatic F,W, Y   Heterocyclic P, F
Small hydroxyl S, T   Aromatic W, Y
Sulphur containing C, M   Thioether M
Aliphatic1 A, G, P   Hydroxy S, T
Aliphatic2 I, L, V   Mercapto C
Amide N, Q   Carboxamide N, Q
   Monamino, Dicarboxylic   D, E
   Diamino, Monocarboxylic   H, K, R