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Table 3 NLM WSD results: method comparison

From: Knowledge-based biomedical word sense disambiguation: comparison of approaches

1999 Accuracy all Accuracy JDI set
MRD 0.6389 0.6526
PPR s 0.5826 0.5867
AEC 0.6836 0.6932
JDI   0.7475
CombSW 0.7626 0.7794
CombV 0.7601 0.7739
MFS 0.8550 0.8669
NB 0.8830 0.9063
  1. MRD stands for Machine Readable Dictionary, PPR s stands for Page Rank and MetaMap with Strict model, AEC stands for Automatic Extracted Corpus, JDI stands for Journal Descriptor Indexing, CombSW stands for weighted linear combination, CombV stands for voting combination, MFS stands for Maximum Frequency Sense and NB stands for Naïve Bayes.