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Table 6 Comparison of methylation differences between H1 and IMR90 within 19 imprinted genes and genome-wide.

From: Pash 3.0: A versatile software package for read mapping and integrative analysis of genomic and epigenomic variation using massively parallel DNA sequencing

  C/C vs C/C C/nonC vs. C/nonC
  Difference in methylation scores No difference methylation scores Difference in methylation Scores No difference in methylation scores
19 imprinted loci 7808 5286 7 4
Genome outside 19 imprinted loci 25170688 16275243 20963 23299
  1. The comparison is performed for C/C sites and for C/nonC heterozygous sites. The ratio of frequency of agreement in methylation levels between H1 and IMR90 in imprinted regions at C/nonC heterozygotic sites vs. C/C homozygotic sites is significantly less than the same ratio observed in the rest of the genome