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Table 1 Statistics on added proteins across different databases

From: Extending pathways and processes using molecular interaction networks to analyse cancer genome data

Property BioCarta KEGG Reactome
no. of examined pathways 322 199 79
no. of extended pathways 195 140 62
avg. pathway size 19 49 75
avg. size after extension 24 61 85
total no. of added proteins 935 1745 622
no. of unique added proteins 280 623 409
Molecular function categories of proteins added by the extension method (2-fold enrichment, see methods) Phosphatase activity, Regulator activity, Binding, Kinase inhibitor/regulator, Cytokine binding/TNF receptor Phosphatase activity, Regulator activity, Cytokine binding/TNF receptor Regulator activity
  1. Statistics on the number of pathways that could be extended, the average extension size, the number of added (unique) proteins and their molecular function categories.