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Table 1 Comparison of related software.

From: MBAT: A scalable informatics system for unifying digital atlasing workflows

Name Search Registration Visualization Comparison Atlas Extendible
JAtlas Viewer None None Single 3D image and surface view; oblique image view; segmented surfaces None View labels as text and segmented color; label selection; hierarchy view; No
MIPAV None B-spline; Landmark; Cost optimization 3D and orthogonal views; oblique view; volume rendering Juxtapose Image sets (no over- lay); Synchronized view None PlugInAlgorithm; PlugInFile; PlugInView
Slicer QueryAtlas Module (publication search only) Linear Module; Register Images Module 3D and orthogonal views; oblique view; volume rendering Overlay image sets; view image sets together in 3D space Overlay labels as image (only label ID available) Modules
  1. Comparison of cross-platform, free open-source software for search, registration, image comparison, atlas viewing, and extensibility features.