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Table 2 MBAT Search Workspace Data Source Plug-ins.

From: MBAT: A scalable informatics system for unifying digital atlasing workflows

Source Method & Access Search Types Data Types
Allen Brain Atlas (ABA) Web API (public) Query Term 2D Image Series
Animal Imaging Database (AIDB) Webservice (public) Keyword, Query Term 3D Volume
BIRN Microarray Database Webservice (public, private) Query Term Probe
Cell Centered Database (CCDB) Webservice (public) Keyword, Query Term 2D Image
CalTech Electronic Lab Notebook Oracle JDBC (private) Keyword 3D Volume
GENSAT Rockefeller SOAP (public) Query Term 2D Image Series, Gene, Gene Expression
GENSAT (NCBI Entrez) Web (public) API Keyword 2D Image
Gene Network Webservice (public) Keyword Gene Expression, Phenotype
  1. Summary of the Search Workspace data source plug-ins, listing the connection method to the underlying data source, the types of search methods supported, and the data types of the returned results.