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Table 5 MBAT Comparison Viewer layer rendering plug-ins.

From: MBAT: A scalable informatics system for unifying digital atlasing workflows

Layer Rendering plug-in File types Cart objects Add Layer
2D Image 2D files (individual or as series) Image2D, Image2DSeries, BufferedImageObject Yes
3D Volume 3D files Volume3D No
3D Atlas .atlas files None No
NeuroTerrain (remote image server) None None Yes
Mouse Brain Library (remote image server) None Nonex Yes
Large Volume Large Analyze Image (.lhdr) None No
Large Volume Atlas .atlas (using .lhdr) None No
ABA None ABA images No
GENSAT None GENSAT images No
  1. Summary of the layer rendering plug-ins for the Comparison Viewer Workspace, listing the file types and cart objects that can be opened and if adding a layer is supported.