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Table 3 Novel polymorphic loci predicted by RISCI for full length L1HS by comparison of reference human genome with the alternate human genomes

From: RISCI - Repeat Induced Sequence Changes Identifier: a comprehensive, comparative genomics-based, in silico subtractive hybridization pipeline to identify repeat induced sequence changes in closely related genomes

LOCUS Ortholog empty in R-score hg18 coordinates Match in dbRIP
L1HS_1_4c HuRef 80 chr1:81177500-81183677 NA
L1HS_1_5c Celera, HuRef 100 chr1:84290051-84296742 NA
L1HS_4_3c Celera, HuRef 100 chr4:18688621-18694707 NA
L1HS_4_13c Celera, HuRef 56.5 chr4:75861787-75867832 NA
L1HS_5_24 HuRef 100 chr5:177131852-177137889 NA
L1HS_7_10c Celera, HuRef 100 chr7:96313896-96319990 NA
L1HS_9_2c Celera, HuRef 100 chr9:46329639-46335695 NA
L1HS_11_4c Celera, HuRef 57 chr11:48825824-48831881 NA
L1HS_11_12 Celera, HuRef 99 chr11:92793798-92799846 NA
L1HS_14_1c Celera, HuRef 88 chr14:18130292-18136344 NA
L1HS_X_9c HuRef 100 chrX:65317263-65323363 NA
L1HS_Y_1 Celera 100 chrY:3371591-3378526 NA
L1HS_Y_2c Celera 100 chrY:4876952-4882987 NA
L1HS_Y_3c Celera 100 chrY:5534205-5540267 NA
  1. Details for these loci may be referred to in Additional file 1.