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Table 2 GO annotations for the highlighted genes shown in Figures 8-14

From: A temporal precedence based clustering method for gene expression microarray data

GO-ID p-value corr p-value Known/Total Functional Description Gene Names
Figure 8      
6950 5.1715E-13 5.6542E-11 18/38 Response to stress AT3G08730, AT5G27600, AT4G33030, AT1G53670, AT2G37220, AT4G34710, AT4G31550, AT5G54810, AT4G09650, AT4G29040, AT5G24770, AT2G14610, AT3G51780, AT3G53990, AT4G04020, AT1G16880, AT5G25610, AT5G02500
Figure 9      
44444 3.5066E-4 2.0147E-2 7/11 Cytoplasmic part AT5G42020, AT3G62030, AT1G27450, AT4G37910, AT2G45030, AT5G50950, AT1G69370
Figure 10      
51869 5.5701E-12 2.3450E-9 20/41 Response to stimulus AT5G20850, AT5G55120, AT3G08720, AT4G37680, AT5G26870, AT1G33560, AT2G47180, AT2G05520, AT1G48030, AT4G01060, AT5G37780, AT1G63840, AT2G14580, AT1G58220, AT3G26790, AT3G54320, AT5G10450, AT1G74310, AT5G45340, AT5G40350
Figure 11      
9628 1.1048E-5 1.3147E-3 4/7 Response to abiotic stimulus AT5G52310, AT3G17020, AT5G67030, AT5G63890
Figure 12      
3824 9.0400E-4 4.2857E-2 10/15 Catalytic activity AT2G17420, AT3G15020, AT5G04590, AT3G13235, AT1G23190, AT3G53160, AT3G48090, AT4G23600, AT4G08790, AT1G51680
Figure 13      
6950 7.0271E-10 6.6055E-8 14/37 Response to stress AT5G20230, AT5G61900, AT4G16845, AT3G22370, AT2G04030, AT1G55490, AT3G11820, AT4G12400, AT4G34990, AT4G23100, AT4G20260, AT3G49910, AT5G09810, AT5G05410
Figure 14      
44464 2.6470E-3 1.8771E-2 25/36 Cell part AT4G27670, AT5G59220, AT4G25100, AT3G58810, AT4G14630, AT3G53620, AT5G11520, AT3G27300, AT1G42970, AT5G43280, AT4G27430, AT1G49300, AT2G39460, AT2G37040, AT3G01480, AT5G24550, AT1G72140, AT5G62790, AT1G25540, AT1G02860, AT4G38970, AT2G43130, AT3G52960, AT3G01220, AT2G43750