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Table 2 Parameters required by GENS. Description of parameters required by GENS in order to produce a simulated case-control sample. These parameters are translated into coefficients for the Multi-Logistic Model by the Knowledge-Aided Parametrization System.

From: A novel approach to simulate gene-environment interactions in complex diseases

Parameter Description
N Number of individuals
G Number of genetic factors
E Number of environmental factors
PG() Frequency of genotype i a of genetic factor ga(a = 1, ..., G)
PE() Exposure probabilities, where b = 1, ..., E and j b is an index which runs over the possible discretized values of the variable b
m Overall disease frequency in the population
TypeOfGxe Type of GxE: Genetic (GM), Environmental (EM), Gene Environment interaction (GEM, Additive (AM)
RR 31 Relative risk of high-risk homozygote
W Model of inheritance: recessive (W = 0), dominant (W = 1), co-dominant (0 <W < 1)
β Odds ratio of the disease risk of an individual exposed to x j with respect to one exposed to x j + 1