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Figure 5

From: Evaluation of statistical methods for normalization and differential expression in mRNA-Seq experiments

Figure 5

Impact of highly-expressed genes. (a) Cumulative percentage of total read count for Brain (green) and UHR (purple) samples, starting with the gene with the highest read count (across the seven Brain or UHR lanes). Cumulative read counts are marked for the 5, 10, 20, and 30 percent most highly expressed genes. (b) Running value of the UHR/Brain expression fold-change for unnormalized counts, starting with the gene with the lowest total count across all 14 lanes. Horizontal lines correspond to: the ratio of the counts for all genes (black), the ratio of the counts for the POLR2A gene (red), and the ratio of the per-lane upper-quartile of counts for genes with reads in at least one lane (blue).

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