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Figure 6

From: Evaluation of statistical methods for normalization and differential expression in mRNA-Seq experiments

Figure 6

Comparison of mRNA-Seq and microarray differential expression calls to qRT-PCR: ROC curves. Genes common to all three platforms and present for both qRT-PCR and sequencing (see [Additional file 2: Supplemental Section S6]). evaluated and declared DE if their qRT-PCR absolute log-ratio was (a) greater than 2 or (b) greater than 0.5; genes were declared non-DE if their absolute log-ratio was less than 0.2. The GLM-based likelihood ratio test was used for the sequencing data. Two normalization procedures are presented for mRNA-Seq: total-count (black) and upper-quartile (blue) normalization. Microarray data were normalized using RMA (gray). Note that we require a true positive to be differentially expressed in the same direction according to both mRNA-Seq and qRT-PCR (see Table 1 and Methods).

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