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Table 6 Example of searching protein-protein interactions by specifying multiple GO terms on the query protein.

From: An ontology-based search engine for protein-protein interactions

Multiple GO terms Search method
Query protein ID-matching search Ontology-based search
Biological process Cellular component   
GO:0019538 GO:0005737 1994 (5.22%) 3062 (8.02%)
GO:0019538 GO:0005576 753 (1.97%) 769 (2.01%)
Molecular function Cellular component   
GO:0003700 GO:0005737 576 (1.51%) 592 (1.55%)
GO:0003700 GO:0005576 6 (0.02%) 103 (0.27%)
  1. Search results when two GO terms are specified on the query protein, one for the biological process and another for the cellular component of the query protein.