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Table 1 Accession numbers of training set sequences used for word length optimisation

From: Using genomic signatures for HIV-1 sub-typing

Sr. No. A B C D G
1 AY521630 AF004394 U46016 AY773338 U88826
2 AM000053 AF042101 AY713415 AY773341 AF061642
3 AM000054 AF256204 AY713416 EF633445 AY772535
4 AY521629 AF086817 AY255826 AY322189 AY586549
5 AY521631 AF042103 EF514713 AF484516 AF423760
6 AM000055 AB428555 DQ207941 AJ488927 AY371121
7 DQ396400 AB287363 DQ369994 AY371157 AB231893
8   EU786678 EU786673 AY795907 EU786670